"With so much inventory in the market right
now, any opportunity to set your home apart
from all the others is definitely worth it," said
Linh Lien, founder of Hawaii Home Staging.

-If upgrade's not cost-effective, it's better to lower your price
Greg Wiles,  Honolulu Advertiser,  
June 29, 2006
Your investment in Staging is less than your first price reduction...Can you afford not to stage your home?
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What is Staging?
Staging® is a proven method of preparing your home for
sale to get top dollar.  It is the process of de-cluttering and
cleaning, adding and rearranging furniture, and making
repairs to create a positive first impression.

Statistics show that on average, homes that are staged:*
Hawaii Home Staging

  • sell faster than non-staged homes.

  • sell at a higher price than non-staged homes.
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About Hawaii Home Staging
How do you get the most for your money when selling
your home?  Wanna set your property apart from all the
other properties on the market? ...but don't have a lot
to spend?

Not to worry, we've got
tips, tricks, pictures, and products, to
help you get started today!