People often think that to de-clutter is to empty a
room completely.  Or that an empty room feels
bigger.  Unfortunately, an empty room often just
feels cold and well... empty.
With a little bit of staging, this room  has been
transformed into a warm, and inviting sitting room,
that actually looks bigger.
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Why Staging Works!

You have only one chance to make a first impression.  As any
Realtor®  will tell you, a typical home buyer makes up his/her
mind within 30 seconds of walking into an open house.

First impressions do count.

That's why staging is so important.  By staging your home
yourself or by having an Accredited Staging Professional
TM stage your home, you will be presenting it in the best
possible light the first time a potential buyer sees your house.

Additional Benefits Include:
Hawaii Home Staging
  • Staged homes on average sell for more money than
    comparable un-staged homes.  3% minimum or $26,000
    average (As high as 50% and $500,000 in some markets) --

  • Staged homes on average sell faster than comparable un-
    staged homes.  For the group of 2,772 properties, the
    average number of days on the market was 30.9.  For the
    sample of staged homes, the average number of days on the
    market was 13.9 -- about half of the time for houses in the
    general sample. --Mountain View Voice

  • Staged Homes are more attractive to potential buyers
    than competing homes for sale in your local market,
    allowing you to sell faster and/or for more money.

  • Staged Homes are recognized by other real estate agents
    as properties ready to sell. They will be more likely to show
    your home to potential buyers.

  • Staged Homes look better in print and internet
    advertising, and therefore attracts a broader range of
About Staging

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"Many people are under the misconception
that staging is a pricey option for rich
homeowners.  Not true: Staging is about
the creativity, not the money. What some
people don't realize when they sell their
house "as is" or don't stage is that it can

-How Staging a Home Helps to Sell it for More
Keith Rockmael,  Christian Science Monitor,  
March 13, 2006
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