Before:  Plants covered the window and made
the roof feel low.  
Hawaii Home Staging
Serving all of Oahu's home
staging needs
After:  A more interesting seating arrangement
really hepled this room. Moving the plant to the
side of the room with the high ceiling draws
attention to that height.
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Staging® is a Federally Registered Trademark of StagedHomes.com.
What is Staging?

Staging® is a proven method of preparing your home for sale to get top
dollar.  It is the process of de-cluttering and cleaning, adding and rearranging
furniture, and making repairs to create a positive first impression.

Statics show that on average, homes that are staged:*

  • sell faster than non-staged homes.

  • sell at a higher price than non-staged homes.

Staging® creates immediate buyer interest in your property, by setting an
environment where your buyers can envision themselves living in.   This is
because buyers only know what they see, not the way it's going to be.
Staging will immediately give your property a marketing edge in any market.

If you are selling your home in today's changing real estate market, it's more
important than ever to set your house apart from other homes on the
market.  Let Hawaii Home Staging® help you gain that competitive advantage
by staging your house to sell for top dollar!  
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        Staging® is Affordable and Fast!

* Independent studies have confirmed this information, however, no guarantee is implied
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