Hawaii Home Staging
Staging Photo Gallery
Before:  The dark cabinets made this kitchen
feel narrow
After:  Toning down the color makes this
kitchen feel larger and cleaner.
Before:  This entry was boring and felt a bit
After:  Less is definitely more with this dramatic
vase and better scaled artwork.
Before:  This laundry room was plain and
After:  A couple of pictures, a plant, and some
fresh towels help to warm up this otherwise cold
Before:  The sleek, modern fixtures are lost in a
sea of white.
After:  Adding artwork with similar color to the
cabinet, a few candles, and towels in warmer
tones, help to accentuate the character of this
chic bathroom.
Before and After Pictures
Before:  Great open space, but vacant and cold
After:  Furnishings, plants, and artwork helped
to show how the space can be divided and used.  
Before:  The red walls were a bit too bright for
the light colored cabinets and countertop,
making the kitchen feel smaller.
After:  With a simple coat of paint, new cabinet
hardware, and a few accessories, this kitchen
now feels updated, spacious, and bright.
Photo Gallery - Before and After
Before:  This room already had beautiful
furniture, but the colors were a bit cold and the
room a little cluttered.
After:  Some de-cluttering, a few warmer colored
throw pillows, a nice tree, and a coffee table
brought in from a different room, help to dress
up the space.
Before:  This room had too many large furniture
pieces that crowded the space.
After:  By replacing the coffee table with a
smaller one, and removing extraneous items,
this room now feels spacious and inviting.
Before:  This bedroom is a bit stark and
After:  A little de-cluttering and some color go a
long way in this now warmer and cozier bedroom.
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Before:  This large room had clutter and an odd
furniture arrangement
After:  A bit of de-cluttering and a
re-arrangement of the furniture help to
create a more inviting formal living room.
Before:  This dining room was plain and dark
After:  By adding a couple of flower arrangements,
and some place settings this dining room is now
dressed and ready for a party.
Before:  This master bedroom was cluttered and
the walls bare.
Before:  A couple of art pieces above the bed,
a plant and some accessories go a long way in
warming up the space.