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Before:  This bathroom felt old and bland
After:  A new color and some artwork adds
drama and highlights the beautiful wood floor.
Before:  A strange arrangement of furniture, too
many personal items, and heavy drapery made
this room feel dated and dark.
After:  Removing personal items and heavy
drapes, along with a simple re-arrangement of
furniture pieces, helped to update and brighten
this otherwise drab and cluttered room.
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More Before and After Pictures
Before:  Too much furniture and an unusual
arrangement made the room appear much
smaller than it actually it is.
After:  Removing extra pieces and re-arranging
the furniture helped to open up the space and
make it feel more inviting.
Before:  The wall border, too many large
furniture pieces, and patterned bedding, made
this room feel cluttered and distracted from the
largeness of the space.
After:  Painting the wall a single solid color,
re-arranging the bed, changing the bedding, and
removing the desk, helped to simplify the space
so that the size is highlighted and the room
feels more like a calm retreat.
Before:  This brand new kitchen is lovely but stark
After:  A few accessories and plants help to
bring out the warm colors of the wood cabinets
and really showcase this space.
Before:  Plants covered the window and made the
roof feel low.  
After:  A more interesting seating arrangement
really helped this room. Moving the plant to
the side of the room with the high ceiling draws
attention to that height.
Photo Gallery 2 - More Before and After
Before:  This empty room is stark and
After:  What a difference furnishings can make!  
This room now feels warm and inviting.
Before:  This kitchen is messy and un-useable
After:  With some de-cluttering, a good cleaning,
and some accessories, this kitchen is now bright
and beautiful.
Before:  This bedroom is cluttered and boring
After:  What a transformation!  A new bedroom
set, bedding, and artwork, turn this master
bedroom into an sophisticated retreat.
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