Before:  This room had no sense or purpose
After:  Adding a table, some chairs, and
re-arranging  artwork, restored this lovely
dining area back to it's original purpose.
"People buy on emotion, so you want
them to feel welcome and help them to
imagine they can start  new when buying
a home. You want to give them a clear
picture, otherwise they'll just walk in and
say 'No thank you' and walk out."

-Staged to Sell,
Nadine Kam,  Honolulu Starbulletin
Hawaii Home Staging
Serving all of Oahu's
home staging needs
Hawaii Home Staging
Staging Fees:

Staging Consultation
Range from $300 - $600.  An average consultation session is
around $300 depending on size of home, number of rooms,
etc.  Includes a 1 hour fine tuning session.

Staging Bid

Staging Lived-in Home for Sale
Ranging from $1000 - $5000, depending on the size and scope
of the Staging work that is required.  Average cost is about

Staging Vacant Home for Sale
Ranging from $1500 - $7500, plus furniture rental, depending
on the size and number of rooms to be staged.  Average cost
is about $2500.

New Home Arrangement/ Interior Decorating
Ranging from $1000 - $5000, depending on the number of
rooms to be decorated and items to unpack.  

Room Redesign
$500 per room

Color Consultations
$100 per room

Statistics show that an investment in home staging will
yield an average return of 169%.

Let a trained Accredited Staging Professional (ASP)
TM use
proven Staging techniques to help you stage your
home to sell faster and for more money!

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Service Fees
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